Saturday, February 4, 2012

JR Smith scored 60 points in a CBA game on Wednesday

He went 21 for 32 from the field, including 14 of 18 from behind the arc. I don't play many basketball video games, but I don't know if it's possible to shoot 14 for 18 from threes even in a simulation.

Smith's team, Zhejiang, beat Qingdao 122-110.

According to Sohu, after his second CBA game, Smith made a bet with his translator, Wang Kunlun: "If I score 60 points in a game, you have to shave your head."

After Wednesday's game, Zhejiang general manager Zhao Bing loudly teased Wang: "You're going to shave your head tomorrow, right?"

The head got shaved right away, by Smith himself -- "expertly, with steady hand," according to Sohu.

Seeing his sister and girlfriend, he was quick to remind them of the potential fate that awaits their hair, too. Apparently if he scores 70, they have to get their heads shaved as well.

On Friday, he scored 41 as Zhejiang outlasted Shandong 119-115 in overtime. Shandong's Alan Anderson (Michigan St.) scored 54. Smith's next game is tomorrow at 7:30 pm China time vs. Foshan.

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