Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Is Michigan suddenly going to outcompete SE Asia in deepwater rice production?"

Worshipping cats, via China Hush

Chinese reactions are, predictably, divided, as they often are. China joined Russia in vetoing a UN Security Council resolution to condemn Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. [Ministry of Tofu]

Food safety in China: an infographic. "Even Confucius was aware that wine in China is not always wine and beef is not always beef. A disciple, describing Confucius, said, 'He wouldn’t drink wine bought from a wine shop or eat dried meat bought in a market.' If Confucius lived today, he would have to considerably expand his list of risky products." [ChinaShmina]

Boy, the owner of this YouTube video must feel silly about now. "At some point in this frantic and peculiar season, a less likely, less expected story may arise from the chaos. But it will be difficult to beat a night when an undrafted prospect from Harvard took over Madison Square Garden, outshined three of the N.B.A.’s biggest stars and ignited an instant love affair with New York." [NY Times]

Corollary: Jeremy Lin just dropped 28 in his first career start in a Knicks win.

"Restoration" plans in place for Drum and Bell neighborhood. "A 'style restoration project' in the works will knock down five hutong neighborhoods around the Drum and Bell Towers. Some of the housing will be rebuilt, but the majority of the space will be used for a square, roadwork and a small museum. Officials have stated that this will 'restore the area to how it looked in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.'" [the Beijinger]

This comes late, but Malcolm Riddell makes a fine recommendation. USC's US-China Today website is a fine resource, as is its YouTube channel. [China Debate]

And finally, the featured YouTube comments on that dumb Peter Hoekstra political video:

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