Sunday, February 5, 2012

Satire? You decide

Here's the latest meme from a country very good at producing them: a set of parodies of the Hong Kong Daily Apple ad. China Hush, Ministry of Tofu and China Smack all have roundups. Here's an example:

Do you want the migrant population of Beijing to continue to grow?

Beijing people have had enough of it!

Beijing has already inhabited 20 million migrant population and accepted 478,000 come-along children.

But! You still damage Beijing culture, mess up the order, push up the housing price, bring your children born in excess of plan here to intensify the college entrance examination; you benefit from Beijing but still defame Beijing like trash; please do us a favor, go back home build your own town before coming here.

Strongly demand the government to amend the law!

Stop the massive growth of migrant population in Beijing.

Just to emphasize: the ad is in response to -- indeed, making fun of -- the Hong Kong ad that calls for Hong Kong to ban mainlanders. This HAS to be satire, right? If so, well done. Especially the little twist involving Shenzhen:

You are one of us if you come to Shenzhen.

Welcome to Shenzhen!

Because we are all away from home, so welcome here; because this is a big circle Grandpa Deng drew for all of us (metaphor for making Shenzhen special economic region), so welcome here; because you are part of the momentum that keeps Shenzhen going, so welcome here; because of you are the reason behind our 30 years of prosperity, so welcome here; because we want the whole world to know this, so we use English the say the next: “welcome to hometown Shenzhen”.

POSTSCRIPT: They're singing something about locusts in Hong Kong, but all I hear is: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE MAKE US STOP SOUNDING LIKE RETARDED DUCKS.

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