Friday, February 10, 2012

In case you've forgotten, yesterday's CNN article was really shitty

China Daily headline, January 2: "Cyber cannibalism"
CNN headline, February 9: "'Cyber cannibals' spreading fear in China"

China Daily source, January 2:

"Wang Jieyu, a director with a Beijing television station, was publicly berated by two young women who recognized him in a restaurant. Wang left the scene immediately and now wears a mask in public to avoid future confrontations."

CNN source, February 9:

Wang Jieyu can tell you all about the cyber cannibals' devastating reach. The Beijing television director has had his life turned inside out.... Now this once confident, sharply dressed, successful young man is reduced to hiding, wearing a mask in public for fear of being recognized.

China Daily doing its homework and finding someone who thinks the Internet shouldn't be policed:

But there are voices raised that caution against too much exuberance in the control.

"Weibo needs the freedom of speech," says Qiao Mu, director at the International Communication Research Center of the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Excessive government interference will be harmful and he argues that the micro blog must be allowed to find its own level.

CNN: ...

Nope, couldn't be bothered to do such a thing as even cursory research.

Here, again, is Stan Grant's kicker:

But on the web there is nowhere to hide from the prying eyes of china's cyber cannibals.

One hardly believes the article took CNN a month to push out of its poop chute.

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