Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogs, more blogs

We're going to kick off this early-morning/late-night edition with an introduction to a few blogs/websites I'll be getting better acquainted with in the coming months:
The blogroll has been expanding, but the overall quality hasn't gone down; quite the contrary, actually. Check out MacKinnon's About page as an example: all those links are worth spending some time with.

This just reinforces my belief that this blog needs to go a different direction. Alas... maybe later.

Rounding out some links:
  • Via BBC, the Chinese claim the quake has cost Chinese companies $9.5 billion (66 billion RMB), though an international firm puts the figure closer to $20 billion. That's a big discrepancy.
  • Meanwhile, the international community has chipped in more than $860 million to date.
  • CN News: an excellent read about possible causes of Western-Chinese misunderstanding.
  • Danwei: Chinese newspapers were printed in black and white yesterday.

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