Monday, May 12, 2008

Tianjin Ultimate Frisbee

Pictures from Saturday's Tianjin tournament have been uploaded, and they can be accessed here. Best viewed as slideshow. (My Shutterfly Ultimate Frisbee collection is here.)

We only played one official game, won by us 9-2, before a guy came and said he reserved and paid for our fields, and that we needed to give way. We (a guy in charge of organizing this event) protested to the effect of, "But we were told we could use these fields if no one came, and look at how many people we have," but the rule of law prevailed and we had to go off to the side... and drink beer. Lots and lots of beer. I guess everyone won in the end.

There was some high-level pickup in the evening though, followed by a party and a rather degenerate van ride back. The pictures speak for themselves.


The Jamboree said...

Though many more comments are warranted, for now I'll just say: Look out unmarried Chinese women - Tao is on the prowl.

The Tao said...

yes yes look out for the lanky, awkward fella walking around wearing a look of desperation.

Funny story, also kind of sad: I got a girl to jot down some contact info on a slip of paper at that tournament, and when I got home I realized this slip of paper was no longer in my possession. Tantrums ensued.