Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday night links

Because it's the night before a Frisbee tournament, and that's why I'm not out.
  • Guo Jingjing, possibly the most famous female Chinese athlete, is pregnant competing in England/has won two gold medals.

  • Found in China asks, "Who the hell is Aung San Suu Kyi?" Then answers.

  • If this leads to a warming of Chinese-Japanese relations, I'm all for it. Then again, the Chinese like to joke about hating Japan -- it's an innocuous thing, really -- so if this ushers in a new era of political correctness...

  • A great entry by Xujun Eberlein, author and proprietor of the blog Inside-Out China (newly added to blogroll), on the meaning and value of heroism.

  • Via Sports Illustrated's Mary Nicole Nazzaro, a poem that deserves dissemination. I hope Ms. Nazzaro doesn't mind me reprinting the poem here, as this blog can use a little classing up. I've tweaked the original translation, which was by Alex Tang.

    孩子 Child
    快 Hurry up

    抓紧妈妈的手 Grab tight to Mama's hand

    去天堂的路 The road to heaven
    太黑了 is too dark

    妈妈怕你 Mama's afraid you've
    碰了头 hit your head

    快 Hurry

    抓紧妈妈的手 Grab tight to Mama’s hand

    让妈妈陪你走 Let Mama walk with you

    妈妈 Mama
    怕 is afraid

    天堂的路 Heaven's road
    太黑 is too dark

    我看不见你的手 I haven't seen your hand
    自从 since
    倒塌的墙 the collapsed wall

    把阳光夺走 snatched the sunlight away

    我再也看不见 I can never again see
    你柔情的眸 your loving eyes

    孩子 Child
    你走吧 You can go

    前面的路 The road ahead
    再也没有忧愁 will contain no more sorrow

    没有读不完的课本 no more cumbersome textbooks

    和爸爸的拳头 or Baba’s fist
    你要记住 You must remember
    我和爸爸的摸样 my face and Baba's face

    来生还要一起走 Let us walk together into our next life

    妈妈 Mama
    别担忧 do not worry

    天堂的路有些挤 Heaven's road is a bit crowded

    有很多同学朋友 with lots of classmates and friends
    我们说 We say

    不哭 Don’t cry

    哪一个人的妈妈都是我们的妈妈 Any mother is all our mothers

    哪一个孩子都是妈妈的孩子 Any child is all Mother's children

    没有我的日子 In the days without me

    你把爱给活的孩子吧 give your love to the children alive

    妈妈 Mama

    你别哭 Don’t cry
    泪光照亮不了 Tears cannot emanate light
    我们的路 Our road

    让我们自己 lets each of us
    慢慢的走 walk slowly

    妈妈 Mama

    我会记住你和爸爸的模样 I will remember your face and Baba's face
    记住我们的约定 Let us remember our promise
    来生一起走 to walk together in the next life

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