Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tying up loose ends

An addendum to the previous post:

  • By far the most comprehensive blog entries on the Sichuan earthquake came from Shanghaiist (100+ updates) and The Beijinger (TPJ), but Danwei also has a nice entry from its archives on the Tangshan earthquake of 1976, which my family has spoken of (the aftershocks rocked Beijing on the night my aunt was to be released from jail... she hasn't said much on this subject -- a protest was involved, and a house fire, I believe -- but the experience left a lasting impression, this I know). Over at Global Voices Online you can watch several videos and read reactions (translated) from people at the scene.

  • Yesterday I expressed my admiration for Renaissance man Hu Jintao and his many skills, but I should have linked to this article from TBJ: Hu Jintao apparently likes baseball. He hasn't played in 50 years, he says in the video (which is hilarious), but he professes a long-held fondness for the sport. The proprietor of the Kansas City Royals blog In Dayton We Trust salutes him.

  • Remember when I said I think Chinese women are less conservative than people suspect? Here's a little of what I mean: the ad to the right was found on ZDface.com, a glamor website that advertises the sexiness of high-heeled shoes and the like. The product, in case you haven't noticed, advertises "More chubbiness chest." It's a lotion called Ardme (I think). Feel free to explore their website.

  • Jiujiu is home, safe and sound. And life resumes as before.


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