Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weekday links

Most of these are dated, slightly, but if you have a moment give them a visit:
  • This NY Times story is somewhat of a must-read for those who consider themselves current on the earthquake situation. It gets a little anecdotal in the middle, but the reporting everywhere else is solid as steel. Speaking of anecdotes though: Mr. Yardley saved the best for last, an absolute gut-wrencher.

  • The Wall Street Journal also has a story.

  • Interesting, from ESWN: "Human flesh search." Also scroll down to the 5/24 entry "Reuters Reporters" -- "Dujiangyan appeared to have been baptised by war."

  • Pictures of pandas. Video of pandas (China Books).

  • Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has a Facebook page. Can we write Facebook's obit now?

  • James Fallows gave a talk in Beijing on Tuesday and I missed it (damn TBJ! could you have given us any less warning?), but I'll link to Mr. Fallows's latest work, a story in The Atlantic about environmental opportunities to capitalize on China's growth.

  • I picked up my extended L Visa this past Saturday, so I'm good to stay till September. For those who aren't fortunate enough to have family here but are interested in visiting or staying past July 1 (I have at least two friends on the Frisbee team who'll be leaving at that time, to return at a later date), this Danwei primer should be considered helpful. One-eyed Panda also has you covered (from way back).

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