Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At the soccer game last night...

Brazil vs. Nigeria in the final game of group play at Workers' Stadium in Beijing, there was a spectacular goal that I just happened to get on my camera. Check it out:

UPDATE: Something about copyright infringement.

Maybe it's the crowd -- ours was announced at 51,112 -- or maybe it's because we happened to catch two good games with seven goals scored between them, but the experience of soccer at a live venue really is different from watching it on TV. I enjoyed the heck out of it, for tickets that cost 150 kuai each (not expensive at all). (Actually, Zhang Wei bought them for myself and Mingyu, so they were free.)

There were fans, excitement, marchers and Fuwas... what else could one want?

Later on the concourse I saw a poor, defenseless white girl holding a Visa sign get swarmed by hordes of picture seekers, most of them Chinese. The first person who did it probably truly wanted a picture of a foreigner, and this was an easy target. The second one was thinking the same thing. Thirty minutes later, well... let's just say people were doing it to amuse themselves. The expression on her face said "Help me."

I started taking video because this was much too hilarious to go undocumented:

The late game saw Sweden beat Canada 2-1. There's not much to report -- a couple really nice goals -- except the pre-game offered something... different.

A fun night all-around.

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Joel said...

That poor girl... that's just disgusting. It's like I'm watching gang rape.