Sunday, August 10, 2008


For reasons I'll explain later, I can't wrap my head around this stabbing just now. My head, in fact, is halfway in the land of Nod. But I will say this is a proud day for ESPN, which did sports news companies everywhere proud by thoroughly jumping ahead of its competition. Story here, Pat Forde column here.

Quick note: I think Forde overstated things when he said the Games have been tarnished. Poor word choice. This is an isolated, random incident -- certainly not targeted at either Americans in general of the Olympics in particular, since the victims wore nothing that would set them apart -- so it won't be remembered in the grand scheme of things. It is quite shocking though, and it looks quite bad, especially since it came on the opening day of games. This is exactly what everyone feared: a madman with no regard for anything taking the attention away from the competition. Then again -- what could anyone have done?

More later.

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