Monday, August 25, 2008

Censorship is alive and well in the States, too

YouTube has officially deleted my account for posting one too many videos from inside Olympic venues. NBC's orders, I think.

Now, I know NBC issued restrictions beforehand, but most of my videos weren't even of the events themselves -- just of crowds and post-games. Human interest stuff, in the interest of sharing with my couple dozen readers of this blog what it feels like to be at an Olympic event. Ultimately, everyone benefits. Alas, NBC didn't agree, and YouTube/Google had no choice... or something.

But to have my account and my 30-plus videos deleted... that sort of makes me mad. And I'm sorry for saying this publicly, but you're a piece of shit, Universal. This is just anger speaking, sure, but deep down, perhaps I'm expressing something true. I don't know. If anyone has any ideas for how to get my account back, please let me know.

Now my post-Olympics depression begins.

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