Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recap of the final day from Beijing Ultimate Summer League

From Jeff Orcutt on our Google Groups message board:

It seems that this week is the week of post-event depression. As we
watched from around the city as three interlopers saw the last of the
Olympic flame twinkle out, I hope you were not still hung over like I
was. My bittersweet hang over was not related to the Olympics, as you
all know, but rather the amazing end to 2008 summer league.

Some said that our league could not be done during the Olympics with
all the restrictions and police action and I am proud that, as a
community, we came together and succeeded in having a great season.
From our regular league play at Happy Valley to our final day blow-out
this past Saturday we brought players from all over Beijing to
impolitely declare, “the Olympics cannot stop Ultimate”!

I would like to thank everyone who made this year’s summer league
possible. Without all of them it would not have happened. Kelly did
everything that had to be done from ordering beer to scrambling to
find fields for the last two weeks. Char kept the books and kept me
organised (a huge task in itself). Tina got us our vans every weekend,
and Lauren got us the big bus this Sunday. And, of course, Five
Ultimate and Zahlen, Julia, and Rohre designed and manufactured the
amazing jerseys.

The captains also deserve a huge round of applause for all of the hard
work that they put in managing their teams, building momentum and
carrying around jerseys to and from the fields every week.

Thanks to all of you and all of your work. Next time we are together
let’s all raise a glass to them…and then buy them a second one.

I hope I have not forgotten to thank anyone (I am doing this at work
off the top of my head) and if I have, my humblest apologies.

There is one more big thanks that is due though… that one goes out to
the Beijing Ultimate community. I am so glad that I could be a part of
what I believe is -- by far -- the best city for Ultimate in China. It
goes with out saying that if you plan a league and no one shows up it
will suck ass. So thank you everyone for coming out every Sunday in
searing heat and sloppy rain to play some great Ultimate. I hope
everyone has learned and grown through the process and that our
community will continue to build in the future.

So, just to make sure I am going over the top in giving thanks to
everyone, thanks again.

Let’s keep promoting Ultimate and kicking ass at our awesome sport
until it swallows the whole of China in “Up!” calls.

Speaking of over the top, let’s turn our attention to what happened on
the fields for the last game of the season. One can only hope for such
an awesome game to end league, and here is Tao with an epic (slightly
wandering) recap of this Saturday’s Final:


The first game Durians won 13-1 after going ahead 12-0. Kelly, alas,
scored on a break-throw and proceeded to spike the disc. In the
finals, three-seed Go Blue Yourself, off a convincing 12-8 win over
the league's No. 1 team, Grey Goo, jumped ahead 3-1 and looked to win
a third straight over the Assassins. The lead was eventually extended
to 7-4, then 8-4. But Yellow made a run, led by a stifling cup zone.
At 8-6 and with Blue going towards the far end zone, Tao got a trap on
Patrick, forcing a hanging cross-field throw that Shen knocked down in
the end zone while Tao was shouting, "Fucking eat that up!" Tao-to-
Shen one throw later and it was, in the words of the captain, "8 to
fucking 7!"

Blue, running a steady offense through Kevin Reitz and with precision
handling by Guy -- not to mention Happy Rat, a speedy, athletic
primary cutter -- scored to make it 9-7, then again to make it 10-8.
Yellow would not quit, however. Always going 4 guys/3 girls on offense
to take advantage of its female advantage -- Sandy, Yin, Casey and Duo
Yi -- the Durians had a distinct advantage when receiving the pull.
After Sandy grabbed a poor, high huck by Tao and threw for the score
to make it 10-9 -- this off a transition D -- Yellow got a break: a
turnover near Blue's 30-yard-line. Tao spotted co-captain Yin in the
end zone and threw a 40-degree-angled forehand that sliced through the
air and settled into her hands in the back of the end zone, eliciting
an eruptive shout of exultation.

Blue scored to make it 11-10, but Yellow countered with a score of its
own -- Sandy backhand to Tao going towards the far end zone. In the
waning light of day, Jeff called Universe Point, and so it was that
Tao, disc in hand, went across the line slapping fives for a game well
played and a season well lived. The evening sun had dipped, witness no
more to our summertime frolic, careless to the worries of a world's
importuning, its seismic, psychic sway no longer in our eye's
crosshairs which focused ahead on a bright, colorful destiny of our
own imagining. The result of the final point -- who scored, who won --
no longer mattered. We were here, as was the moment, our efforts and
toils bringing us to a unity and peace sweeping across the manicured
grass like a down blanket putting the land to sleep, harmony
transcending things expressible by words.


As an aside, Beijing Ultimate does not condone drug use.

IN case you were wondering, Go Blue Yourself won 12-11 (on Happyrat’s
birthday and a Happyrat mismatch in the end zone) making them
champions of the Beijing 2008 Ultimate Summer league. Congratulations
to the entire team and Kevin, Happyrat and Eric the captains.

The hard-fighting Durian Assassins grabbed second place to finish out
an emotional and impressive season.

Biantaila creamed Grey Goo to secure third place for my favourite team
of the summer and...

Grey Goo just got screwed when all of its players went home. A sad end
to clearly the strongest team during regular play but it was fun to
see them play when they had all of their players.

Thanks again everyone and congratulations to all of the players
awarded MVP and Most Improved for their teams. The awards were hard
earned and I am happy that such strong players were able to receive

Let’s keep up the momentum in the future and hopefully next year’s
summer league will have twice as many people participating.



P.S. Work is a little crazy this week and I just wanted to get this
out as soon as possible. Could someone please translate this for me?
The closest that I can come is... 北京飞盘天下第一

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