Saturday, August 2, 2008


In case you're wondering, Nanluoguxiang【南锣故巷】is my favorite nightspot in Beijing, an extended alleyway filled with bars and specialty shops. It's relatively unknown among the laowai population so it doesn't attract the lowlifes of Sanlitun or tourists of Houhai.

Nanluoguxiang is where these pictures were taken last night:

Later we went to a place behind Gulou【鼓楼】("Ancient Building," if you must be literal), where on the rooftop we played Chinese chess. I won the first game vs. Wang Bin and was well on my way to losing the second when we had to leave for some reason or other. I can't seem to remember because I was rewiring my "psychology" (Boehner's term) or doing things to others' psychology by stringing together -- creatively -- words that should not be said around polite company, even at a Beijing bar.

(Must share one of those terms: biquantao, which, I just realized, I didn't actually come up with, but, written a different way -- say, 逼全套 -- means something exceptionally impolite, something like, oh, cuntbag. Word does not describe any of my company.)

More pictures...

Sometimes joy this unfettered needs to be shared.


Joel said...

Dude, Gulou means Drum Tower. Gu. As in drum.

Liz said...

ahh, cats! :)