Monday, August 18, 2008

A Tuna band in Sanlitun

Saturday was the last night in town for the gal pictured in the top left, and we went to Sanlitun to commemorate the occasion. First Kokimo, on the roof the New China Doll building. There was a live band but it was too loud and crowded and I had a sore throat, so we quickly busted out of there. Eventually we settled on a bar with outdoor seating, where the girl on the right, Denise, got serenaded by a Spanish Tuna band.

Kevin, her friend with benefits, bought her the song "Denise I Love You." Video below. First, though, allow me to relate a conversation I had with Kevin as he was describing the smoothness of Denise's legs.

K: "Guess how many times she shaves."
Me: Um.
K: Never.
Me, incredulously: No... Never?
K: Never.
Me: That's good genes.
K: She's made in that category.
Me: Her family has been breeding for five generations to produce just a girl with hairless legs.
K: I'll tell you other stories later.
Me: What? Pause. Other places she's hairless?
K: Other places she's equally blessed. I've never encountered anything like it. Makes you melt.

He went on to give more detail, which I'll spare you from. Before you think Kevin's the sort of laowai who exploits poor Chinese girls, though, allow me to give my unconditional endorsement of Kevin as a person. He's just a really nice guy with a really bad case of yellow fever.

POSTSCRIPT: And Chirona, we will miss you.


Mike Lu said...

bummers, the video got removed...

where's this Denise from? :)

see you guys in a week and half or so..

The Tao said...

yea YouTube deleted my account. It's back up now though.