Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures from the final day of Beijing Ultimate Summer League

Enjoy the photos. I'll be back with a recap later in the day. Videos here.

Best. Team. Ever.

Summer League would not have been possible without this man, Jeff Orcutt

Party bus! That's Guy with Yin, co-captain of Yellow Team, the Durian Assassins

Co-captain of Go Blue Yourself, Happy Rat, surveying his turf

Mike, Sandy, Shen, Wang Bin

No. 1 overall pick Jim, recently returned from the States

Russell and Kevin Reitz

Aw, look who wants to be Yellow (that team was originally all wearing red...)

Left to right: Casey, Sandy, Yin, Tianjin Nick, Wang Bin, Mike, Roger

Reid marking Xiaozhi

Jessica and Kelly, who scored almost all of Red's points (its first four of the day, anyway)

Robo Gabe and Reid

Xiaozhi and Joe P.

Kelly and Joe Classic

Third place team Biantaila

About to start the championship game, the Durian Assassins

Who else?

Happy Rat

Aaron Rosa

Shen, Sandy and Aaron

Joe and Rosa

Helen, MVP of Go Blue Yourself


Not sure what's happening here, except that's co-captain of Red, Lauren

Not sure... in the background is Duo Yi, Most Improved award-winner on Yellow

Yang and Jason


Back of the bus debauchery: Kevin with Sandy; Mike

Steven, co-captain of Red, looking at the camera

Yes, all Frisbee parties eventually dissolve into orgies, its participants willy-nilly.

Speaking of orgies, Kevin really wanted one by his lonesome with this gal:

As you can see...


Joel said...

i think there are some key photos of kelly you're missing from there...

The Tao said...

what are you talking about, I didn't take any pictures of Kelly...