Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three amazing links

First, this from Time's China Blog is, as the saying goes, funny because it's true.

Second, via Cup of Cha: more reasons to hate City Weekend (because their target audience is them).

And second, I will never use the phrase "online lynch mob" ever again to refer to China's youth, not after I read this about American trollers. The accompanying New York Times article (HT: Peking Duck) is the most incredible thing I've read this year, and it's here.

I don't have any words. Through half the article my jaw was unhinged. Here's an excerpt:

/b/ is not all bad. 4chan has tried (with limited success) to police itself, using moderators to purge child porn and eliminate calls to disrupt other sites.
That's on the first page. It gets more incredible, page after page.

Just one more excerpt for folks to think over:

Is the effort to control what’s said always a form of censorship, or might certain rules be compatible with our notions of free speech?

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