Sunday, August 24, 2008

A video from Beijing Summer League's final day

This is me pulling and then catching the score in our semifinal yesterday vs. Biantaila ("Very Spicy/Hot"), a game in which we went ahead 12-0 and won 13-1.

In higher quality (that's Steven yelling "No no no!" as I was making the up-line cut to score):

We lost the next game on Universe Point, 12-11, after clawing back from an 8-4 deficit. I remember scoring the 11th point to tie it. I threw a bladey forehand that was caught to tie it at 10. I remember anchoring a cup in a trap zone that led to a turnover and a score (me to Shen) to make it 8-7, and me screaming "8 to fucking 7!" I remember random details like that. But generally, I remember it was a really, really good game. All my congratulations to Go Blue Yourself, which finished the regular season in third place but managed to beat the No. 1 and No. 2 teams yesterday to claim a well-deserved title.

More pictures and video (from the party) later.

Bonus video:

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