Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures from the Closing Ceremony

Here's how good it was: afterwards I was walking on the concourse checking out pictures on my camera when I went smack into a wall. I can still hear the awful splat sound from my forehead and right knee banging into concrete. My teeth hurt a bit, too. There's a welt on my head and a bruise on my leg.

But... it was worth it. I guess.

Someone went to me and asked to exchange tickets because he wanted to sit with his wife. I said my aunt would exchange, since she had an L section ticket. He gave her his B-category ticket for her D, and let's just say the difference was stunning. The above photo is about the place my aunt watched the Closing Ceremony. Contrast that to my view.

POSTSCRIPT: Another set of photos, via the Guardian. A bit high on Brit nationalism, if you ask me.

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